Online Secret Safe in English





Secret Safe is played in teams and costs involve €20,- (excl. VAT) per ticket.

This game is about competing against each other in teams. Each team can consist out of a maximum of four players. Which team is able to find the location of the safe and crack the code?

  • The game can be played online together with colleagues, friends or family.
  • It is available in both Dutch and English and will guarantee 1 to 1.5 hours of fun.
  • Establish the amount of teams, connect online and start at the same time.
  • Battle against each other. Which team scores the highest?




Who will be the first to find the location of the safe and crack the code?

Secret Safe is an online teambuilding game in which several teams compete against each other. The end goal of this game is to find the location of the safe and to crack the code to open the safe. The team with the higest end score wins!



Each team has to complete four different levels. In each level you need to collect several clues by answering questions and by solving puzzles. Creativity, Google search, cooperation and connecting the dots; these components are needed to secure the safe!

Only if you answered correctly, you will collect clues. However, there is the possibility to buy the clues but this will cost your team points. Your team will be able to move onto the next level…. But winning will be more difficult.


Playing with multiple teams: how does it work?

  • Establish the number of teams that will participate. Our advise is to have a maximum of four players per team. If you would like to make it more difficult for your colleagues: play with two individuals per team.
  • Pick a date and time. Arrange a video connection through ZOOM, Google Meet, WebEx or MS Teams. If you would like our guidance and a game master, please check our availability by filling out a contact form.
  • Purchase multiple tickets in our web shop. You will receive them automatically. Divide the unique tickets amongst all players. If hiring a game master, we will provide an explanation and additional challenges.
  • It will take approximately 1 hour to collect all the clues and crack the code of the safe.
  • Livescores can be found in the app (on the smartphone screen). The team that found the safe the fastest, won’t necessarily win. Did this team score enough points to beat the others?


Requirements to play Secret Safe:

  • One ticket (unique QR-code) per player. Please note: per player and not per team.
  • The smartphones need to have a minimum operating system Android 9 or iOS 12.
  • Possibly a ZOOM or MS Teams connection if playing against each other remotely.


** Extra services

As an extra service, we can accompany the game, taking care of the introduction, explanation and scoring, as well as the announcement of the winner(s). Our game masters will thus be present during your ZOOM or MS Teams meeting. Each group (break-out room) is also regularly visited by our game master(s) for the pleasant interaction and participation. Fill in your details and you will receive a tailor-made quote, and the order will always be on an invoice basis. The additional costs for our online guidance for approximately 1 to 2 hours (in consultation) is from € 200 excluding VAT (depending on type of game, number of people, language and time). Ask for a quote and we will be happy to check our availability.

You have to take care of the online video invitations (and possible break-out rooms) in platforms such as ZOOM, MS Teams or Google Meet, and you invite our game master(s). Upon request, we can provide an MS Teams or ZOOM invitation at an additional cost, please ask for a quote.