online global challenge quiz





Available from €5,- per person (excluding VAT)!

Would your team, department or entire company like to know more about CSR, Social Return, sustainability, CO2 emissions? Then play this global challenge quiz on the MooveGo app and find out how much you already know about these topics.


Play the global challenge together with direct colleagues, the entire department and even against others within the company. The topics covered in the quiz, amongst others, include: CSR, PSO, sustainability, energy and green environments.

The quiz can be played online from the comfort of your couch, at work or outdoors. Connect with others and play the challenge together, all from different locations! It is possible to play simultaneously with multiple teams, allowing to create a competition. The entire game is digital and played with smartphones, so no need for printed papers or computer screens.


Tickets are available for €20,- excluding VAT per ticket (€24,20 including VAT). Play together with other and split the costs!




Six different rounds, sixty challenges and a high score of 60 points: total of 1,5 hours of entertainment

The global challenge consists out of six challenging rounds with in total 60 multiple-choice questions, puzzles and riddles on topics such as CSR, Social Return, sustainability and CO2 emissions.

Round 1 – is a round full with multiple-choice questions to find out how much you know about topics such as CSR and sustainability.

Round 2 – photo recognition. Are you creative enough to recognise, acknowledge and trace the places, buildings and probs we are looking for?

Round 3 – fun puzzles and riddles of course on the topic sustainability; can you figure it out?

Round 4 – question round two; did you think we were letting you off the hook with just ten multiple- choice questions? Of course not, ten more questions in this round it is.

Round 5 – a photo round but in a different style than round two. A very varied round including word puzzles!

Round 6 – the final round with puzzles and riddles.


Playing the global challenge with several teams – competition style:

  • Establish the number of teams in advance, for example: 10 families across the country or 250 teams from several departments and all playing from their own homes. Our advise is to play with a maximum of four individuals per team.
  • If playing from home, provide each team with one QR-code (ticket).
  • Pick a date, time and location
  • Buy the tickets in the web shop. Receive all the QR-codes and distribute them amongst the different teams. Even if playing remotely through a video connection, only one ticket per team is needed.
  • Each team will scan de QR-code with the MooveGo app. The game is valid for 72 hours after activating the code.
  • Play the six different rounds within a set timeframe.
  • The team that completes all the 60 challenges or the team with the highest score wins!
  • Have one person appointed as score-keeper. This person will collect all of the end scores from all the teams to then announce the winner of the night!


Necessities to play the creative game:

  • One ticket per team.
  • One smartphone per team with a minimum operating system Android 9 or iOS 12.