Online crazy88 teambuilding




Available from €5,- per person (excluding VAT)!


The Online crazy88 is a game inspired by popular tv programmes and films such as the Hangover, jackass, Minute to win it and Crazy88 itself.

The goal of the game is to complete as many challenges as possible, with a maximum of 88, within a set timeframe. The challenges can be carried out at home, the office or outdoors. You will need a lot of courage, creativity and a certain level of humour. Connect with others and play the game together, al from different locations!

Crazy88 can be played in teams with two to four players per team. It is also possible to play simultaneously with multiple teams (from a distance), allowing to create a competition. The entire game is digital and played on smartphones, so no need for printed papers.

Tickets are available for €20,- excluding VAT per ticket (€24,20 including VAT). Play together with friends, family or colleagues and share the costs!




For young and old, for companies and individuals: Fun4All and All4Fun

  • Release your inner child, or do just something crazy with your family. Because laughter is healthy!
  • It’s time for some craziness, humour and just fooling around! Play crazy88 and challenge your colleagues and friends.
  • Crazy88 is also very suitable for bachelor parties, sports teams and students who are looking for a good time.


Playing the game with just one team – how does it work?

  • Pick a date, time and location.
  • Purchase a ticket in the web shop. Receive your unique QR-code and scan it with the MooveGo app. The game is valid for 72 hours after activating the code.
  • Play the game in two or three hours (with breaks in between) and try to complete all 88 challenges. For every challenge you gather one point.
  • For every challenge you need to take a picture or video.


Playing crazy88 with several teams – competition style: 

  • Establish the number of teams in advance, for example: 10 families across the country or 250 teams from several departments and all playing from their own homes.
  • If playing from home, provide each team with one QR-code (ticket). Each team can then consist out of several players, for example friends or family members.
  • Pick a date, time and location.
  • Buy the tickets in our web shop. Receive all of the QR-codes and distribute them amongst the different teams. Please note that one ticket is needed per team.
  • Each team will scan the QR-code with the MooveGo app. The game is valid for 72 hours after activating the code.
  • For every challenge a picture or video needs to be taken. The goal is to complete as many challenges as possible within a set time frame. You can determine this time frame yourself. Assign each team one point per completed challenge.


Requirements to play crazy88:

  • At least one ticket per team.
  • Each team will need a smartphone with a minimum operating system of Android 9 or iOS 12 (most phones do have this).
  • Try to play with at least two people in a team. If there a people playing this game alone, they might have to use another smartphones to take the pictures and videos with.
  • Some props are needed (standard items) to complete the challenges. Think about crisps or flowers.


** Extra services

As an extra service, we can accompany the game, taking care of the introduction, explanation and scoring, as well as the announcement of the winner(s). Our game masters will thus be present during your ZOOM or MS Teams meeting. Each group (break-out room) is also regularly visited by our game master(s) for the pleasant interaction and participation. Fill in your details and you will receive a tailor-made quote, and the order will always be on an invoice basis. The additional costs for our online guidance for approximately 2 to 3 hours (in consultation) is from € 200 excluding VAT (depending on type of game, number of people, language and time). Ask for a quote and we will be happy to check our availability.

You have to take care of the online video invitations (and possible break-out rooms) in platforms such as ZOOM, MS Teams or Google Meet, and you invite our game master(s). Upon request, we can provide an MS Teams or ZOOM invitation at an additional cost, please ask for a quote.